Southwest Ridge

Trail Network

Las Vegas, NV


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Trail Pics

Southwest Ridge (SWR)

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Trail Types:

Single Track & 4x4 RDs

skill level:


2940 - 3460ft

Network Overview

Southwest Ridge (SWR) is an AMAZING new network!! Technical on the ridges fingers to the East. Technical and steep climbing will reward you with amazing fast descent, some including nice 2-4' tall rock drops. The trails on the west (The Stash) are more XC in nature and provide a great warm-up / way to climb to the top of the Eastern trails on top of the ridge.

There is a lot of very steep cliff edge exposure on the ridge that get you amazing panoramic views of Las Vegas! If you are not comfortable with heights, stay away from "Exposure" and "Menny Thanks" but if you're ok with exposure then you will absolutely love them!

These trails are more technical in nature and the descents down any of the ridge trails can include 2' to 4' rock drops (with ride-arounds).

Recommended Trails

  • [Loop] The Stash -> Tripple Titty -> Connect The Dots -> Legalize It -> Menny Thanks/Good Call (down)
  • [Loop] Ike's Peek (up) -> Eastern Exposure -> Menny Thanks
  • [Loop] Good Call (up) -> Legalize It -> Eastern Exposure -> Legalize It -> Menny Thanks/Good Call (Down)
  • [Out'n'Back] Ike's Peek -> Eastern Exposure -> Connect the Dots -> Triple Titty -> Slot Machine (Up) -> Take Any of the ridge trails back down.
  • [Loop] The Stash -> Triple Titty -> The Stash -> Stash Bucket -> Rusty Bucket