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Lee Canyon - Mt. Charleston, NV


Driving Directions

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Sawmill Trails

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Trail Types:

Single Track & 4x4 Rds

skill level:


6180 - 7740ft

Network Overview

The Mt. Charleston - Sawmill trails in Lee Canyon, are a nice addition to the riding on Mt. Charleston. A great warm up / cool down, before or after riding the Bristlecone trail.

Beware, the new Pinyon Pine Loop and Granite Canyon are the sorriest excuses for Multi-Use trails I think I have EVER seen and I DO NOT RECOMMEND THEM! Deep gravel the whole way, they are straight up washes designated as a "trail". Long and tiring they are NO FUN, maybe just maybe on a fat tire...but even then due to their extremely poor design and construction are still terrible.

The smaller Sawmill loop and the longer Ridge Top Loop are pretty fun! Although beware there is still a good bit of climbing. But the trails are nice and fun to ride and not too long!

Recommended Trails

  • Sawmill Loop
  • Ridge Top Loop
  • Blue Tree Run (Section on North Side of HWY)