Lee Canyon - Mt. Charleston, NV


Driving Directions

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Trail Pics

Bristlecone Trail

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Trail Types:

Single Track & 4x4 Rds

skill level:


9400 - 8400ft

Network Overview

The Mt, Charleston - Bristlecone trail in Lee Canyon, is amazing! Not only do you get alpine riding just outside of Las Vegas, but it's, in my opinion, a perfect setup.

You get a nice steady 4-7% grade climb for a little over 3miles then you get a splendid and fairly technical single track descent in the cool shade of the trees on Mt. Charleston!

If you like to climb THEN descend--> Climb the LOWER bristlecone and descend the Upper. If you prefer a technical steep climb, you may like riding UP the Upper Bristlecone.

Recommended Trails

  • Lower Bristlecone TO Upper (Steady 4x4rd climb to technical, forested single track descent)