Monolith Gardens

Trail Network

Kingman, AZ


Driving Directions

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Monolith Gardens

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Trail Types:

4x4 RDs

skill level:


3420 - 3960ft

Network Overview

Monolith Gardens in Kingman Arizona is a GREAT place to ride in the cooler months, but rest assure "June at Noon" will be intensely hot. This network has some long and some moderate length trails, with loop options, but none of them are really technical. Although not abundant in numbers, what trails there are, are REALLY fun!

Nice smooth single track trails with twists and turns and dips and humps. Slick rock style riding mixed in with nice rolling trails. Even the steepest of trails there are manageable for a beginner rider. If you have ridden other AZ spots and know it for the nice hard-pack dirt roller trails, these are about halfway between those and the trails in Nevada.

So they are fairly hard-packed, but some have slight "scree" sections. Easy to access, the trails are right off the main road coming into town FROM VEGAS. (see the driving directions link on this page). The main parking area at Coyote pass is large and can accommodate overnight camping (although Not sure on the actual policy about camping there).

Recommended Trails

  • Camp Beale Loop
  • Foothills Rim Trail
  • Monolith Gardens Loop
  • Foothills Rim "X-Factor"