Coyote Springs

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Coyote Springs, NV


Driving Directions

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Coyote Springs

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Trail Types:

Single Track

skill level:


2180 - 3200ft

Network Overview

Coyote Springs is located about 1.5hrs outside of Las Vegas, off of the 95 HWY (Great Basin HWY). Coyote Springs is a master planned Golf Community, that is still under developed. Tey have an AMAZING network of Mountain Bike Trails that offer the most SOLITUDE you will likely ever have while riding.

*These are PRIVATE TRAILS - Ride with permission or at your own risk*

Contact the [SNMBA HERE] (Southern Nevada Mountain Bike Association) for information.

(The Main Parking access is gated)

Recommended Trails

  • Upper Fight Club
  • Lower Fight Club to Birds Nest
  • North Tarantula (to the Spanish Steps)
  • The Crows Nest
  • The Crows Back