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Blue Diamond (Las Vegas), NV


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Cowboy Trails

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Trail Types:

Single Track & 4x4 RDs

skill level:


3720 - 4920ft

Network Overview

The Cowboy Trails out near Red Rock National Conservation area are a WORKOUT! Getting to the "Top" is definitely work work work, then some more work, but super fun on the way down!

These trails range from super rocky technical, to sweet flowy rocky technical. There are rock drops ranging from 2-5' (with ride arounds) on the DH trails.

All in all if you like more technical riding you'll love it.

RIDE TUBELESS --> You have been warned!!

Like most trails in the valley there are not really any signs, so pay attention to where you are.

Recommended Trails

  • Bunny to Fossil Canyon to First Finger to Second Finger to SARS to Radio Tower road then back down Radio Tower Trail.
  • Bunny to Fossil Canyon to 4x4 RD to SARS to Radio Tower road then back down Radio Tower Trail.
  • Kibbles'n Bits then back on Fossil Canyon then Bunny.
  • Bunny to Outer Loop to First Finger then back either Fossil and Bunny or Kibbles'n Bits