Calico Basin

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Las Vegas, NV


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Calico Basin

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Trail Types:

4x4 RDs

skill level:


3560 - 3800ft

Network Overview

Calico Basin trails are a small, fun set of XC trails that are great for warm up/cool down rides or when time is limited. Access is easy, although the trails are used primarily for hiking and horses and are located in the PRIVATE neighborhood of Calico Basin. This neighborhood endures a LOT of tourist traffic wanting to hike in the canyon and Boulder at the Kraft Boulder area, so PLEASE be respectful of all other users and follow any posted signs so that the neighborhood continues to allow access.

These trails are in really good shape most of the time except for a few spots along the NE side of the East Wing trail where there are short wash sections to get through. Not very technical in nature, but the blue and black trails will be a bit more littered with rocks amidst the trail so if your a beginner and don't want to ride trails with more obstacles, stick to the greens =)

Most people usually ride counter clockwise, on the trails but either direction can be fun! ENJOY!

Recommended Trails

  • East Wing
  • Titans Hill
  • West & East Fork DH