Transvaal Flats

Trail Network

Beatty, NV


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Transvaal Flats

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Trail Types:

Single Track & 4x4 Rds

skill level:


3700 - 4500ft

Network Overview

Transvaal Flats trails in Beatty Nevada is a small town founded way back, when there was a mining boom. With changing times comes new trends like Mountain Biking and Beatty is ready to accept, foster and grow their cycling community and trail systems.

Dave Spicer who owns Spicer Ranch has spearheaded the mission of getting great trail networks built. There are about XXXX miles of newly developed single track on his private ranch that is open to the public for riding!

This along with around XXXX miles of ridable trails that form the Transvaal Flats network that is linked with the Spicer Ranch network.

Check out Beatty next time you feel the need for adventure! Newly created trails with low numbers of riders offers great solitude. Beatty has other great services and facilities and local establishments are in the process of making their town more Mountain Bike friendly!!

Recommended Trails

  • Spicer Ranch Trail
  • Brads Screamer
  • Dynamite Loop