Bears Best

Las Vegas, NV


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Bears Best

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trail types:

Single Track & 4x4 RDs

skill level:


2960 - 3160ft

Network Overview (Bears Best)

Sadly (if you can't afford to live there) a Multi Million dollar neighborhood is being built right up in the foothills of the amazing Blue Diamond Mesa, which is also the home to this fun trail network. These trails have been roped off for construction of the new neighborhood.

We suggest trying Southwest Ridge instead. Although more elevation and more technical. Have Fun!

Bears Best Mountain Bike trails, on the West edge of Las Vegas, are great for evening rides and shorter rides when time is limited. Easy to access and close to the city you won't have to travel far (if you live on the West side). The trails are nicely laid out similar to Cottonwood Valley, but they are much more loose and rocky.

Like most trails in Nevada the trails are riddled with large rocks and obstacles. There are a few wooden bridges that are fun, and in general the trails have some fun and interesting features / sections. There are some technical spots on most of the trails, but are limited and or can be ridden around. As always, don't jump off anything your not familiar with.

There are some fun rock drops and some nice jumps in spots. Overall we would rate most all of the trails, XC: Moderate / "Blue", (skill level). ENJOY!!