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Austin, NV


Driving Directions

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Trail Types:

4x4 RDs & Single Track

skill level:


6300 - 8950ft

Network Overview

Austin has some really nice unknown trails in the Mountains "behind" town. Although you may not find yourself traveling to Austin too often, gather a few friends and go riding for a weekend in Austin! The trails are pretty much old and current 4x4 roads with one single track DH (IMBA Built) trail. The "Cahill Canyon" trail a must ride! Although whichever trails you ride, you will be busting your lungs and legs climbing. There are some really sweet rewards for your hard work climbing, not to mention AMAZING Scenery!

Most of the trails can be made loops by riding the HWY in between. Don't be fooled though, the HWY is STEEP! HIGHLY recommend taking 2 vehicles if at all possible for shuttle runs. Even then you will still climb, but again it's well worth it.

The Bob Scott Campground is a great place to camp out. Water, bathrooms, and great sites. This campground is perfect in our opinion, just right. The campground is centrally located to the trails, but again the HWY is STEEP.

Head to City Hall if you would like to speak with someone regarding the trails. It's located in the old Courthouse. The only 2 story building. 122 Main St. (Google can't find - Follow the Link to "City Hall (P)" in the Directions above.)

Recommended Trails

  • Cahill Canyon Loop
  • Bob Scott Slide
  • Castle Loop