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Henderson, NV


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Trail Types:

Single Track & 4x4 RDs

skill level:


2440 - 3240ft

Network Overview

The Anthem / Sloan network is growing! The BLM is adding "trails" (Old 4x4 rds) to the Sloan side of the mountains!

These trails range from a paved path walkway to technical single track. The landscape has a LOT of Basalt rocks that create nice sidewall slicing obstacles.

Even though new trails are being added, they aren't the best for MTB riding. So ride these now!! Take action if you live in the area! There are tentative plans to "Decommission" a few GREAT trails! Really the best ones...Overlook Loop has already been partially taken out and MUSHROOM LOOP is planned next. These are some of the best single track trails out here.

If your looking for a nice mellow XC ride through the mountains, the McCullough Hills trail is wonderful. A an old 4x4 road cleaned up, wide and nice and smooth!

Recommended Trails

  • Mushroom Loop
  • Overlook Loop
  • McCullough Hills Trail
  • Anthem East