About MountainBikeMaps.com

Hello! Welcome to Mountain Bike Maps.com! I began the MountainBikeMaps.com after much frustration in trying to find good MTB Map and trail information online. All I could find where blogs and “user generated” sites. I got so sick of trying to sift through the overwhelming amount of info on Blogs with tons of information that is not relevant or not clear/helpful at all. Then there are user-generated sites that rely on individuals (much like blogs) to provide the information, so there is NO CONSISTENCY at all.

This site started with wanting a good centralized source for trail information in the Southwest Region. My mission was to create the easiest to use website, that would provide fast access to MTB Trail maps and resources for the Southwest. As I started to make the site I realized I wanted to expand the site beyond Nevada. Now I am on a mission to ever continue to add trails and networks in as many states as I can. MountainBikeMaps.com is VERY small operation currently, but I am always interested in having people help Map for the site. If you have any interest check this page [HERE].

The trails are ridden by myself or a verified rider, then uploaded and verified VIA, GPS Software and maps, and Google Earth. If I have not personally ridden a trail, it was mapped by someone who I have verified to provide as accurate information as possible. Information may then be further compared to other Trail Data found in open source formats.

I know there are a lot of people out there using different devices and methods to Map or have a Map of their rides. While I provide many options, if there are others out there, I am happy to check into adding their features to the site, if they are deemed worth while.

The site is totally free and I plan to do everything I can to keep it that way. With that said, we do have operating costs and any [DONATIONS] to the cause would be greatly appreciated!

The site will continue to grow and build!! Be a part of the community and FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK & TWITTER


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